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How to cooperate with the International Academy of ConnectTeam

The International Academy of ConnectTeam has been established with the target of channeling a platform and an assembly to circulate education all around the globe. In this regard, ConnectTeam academy has launched various theoretical, cultural and artistic departments that are managed under the supervision of professors and experts in these fields.

On account of the fact that the ultimate goal of ConnectTeam academy is to help Iranians all around the world, we object to accommodate all Iranians and aesthetes around the world with the scientific, cultural and artistic treasures of this nation. To this extent we can introduce our beloved country Iran to the world and transfer Iranian culture and art to the world.

ConnectTeam academy benefits from Departments of Photography, Handicrafts, Music and History capacities to accomplish its trust. In the photography department and with the assist of our dear artists in photography training courses, we will capture photos of the beauties of different parts of Iran. These photos will reflect the beauties of this realm for those who live in other parts of the world and are not fully acquainted with our dear Iran.

In the Department of Handicrafts, by teaching various professions and skills of handicrafts from outmost of Iran, we will businesses more and more traditional Iranian culture and art. In addition to the handicrafts department, music training sessions are held in the music department, in which the pleasant tone of the Iranian artists can be represented to all and sundry.

In line with the activities of the departments of the ConnectTeam academy, all professors, artists and those with ties in culture, art and knowledge around the world can step up to cooperate with the academy. These collaborations can take various forms of; financial and intellectual sponsorship, teaching cooperation, and uphold artists and students. Interested parties can contact the presidents of this association to reach out other opportunities in the cooperation basis with the International Academy of ConnectTeam.