Persian Language Learning

Learn Persian by Connectteam academy's language courses!

Connectteam academy to decrease this gap has decided to prepare free online Persian language courses with the help of professional content creators and well-thought-of professors. 

Through the Persian language online education system, Connectteam academy is willing to decrease the gap that appeared between the immigrant's children and their mother tongue and culture. 

Thereupon, Connectteam academy's language department is honored to provide the most user-friendly language learning platform to publish suitable online Persian language courses for those who care to learn Persian and those who are willing to get to know more about Farsi and Iranian culture.

To know a new language, to know a new world!

Persian language, also known as Farsi is one of the most historical and richest languages ever in the world. No matter, whether you know some Persian or you are new to this beautiful language, you can start to learn Persian for free through Farsi online courses provided by Connectteam academy's language department.
Here we are to create the best professional Persian language learning contents to let the world know (especially our beloved Iranian children far from their home country) about this rich Iranian language and culture.